About the logo

Contest winner

Pantone 298 C
C:68 M:3 Y:0 K:0
R:14 G:188 B:238
Pantone 653 C
C:96 M:59 Y:4 K:17
R:0 G:89 B:150

"The logo communicates, in a simple way, the human ability to both search and access information, not only through traditional means, but also through the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), as it uses graphic resources known all over the world, such as the book and the circle. The first one symbolizes study, and the second, knowledge and information, which today are made more available through informatics, showing with this that its social aim is to communicate.

The book, open and next to the circle, comprises with it a visual metaphor representing those people who have the cognitive tools to reach information in a nimble way, as well as the desire to share this ability."

Edgar Luy Pérez